Beetle Drive RulesBeetle Drive Rules – Provided by Ptolemy Toys

What is a Beetle Drive? A Beetle Drive can be a family game or a game in a Beetle Drive Event.

Any number of players may take part according to the number of tables provided, four players going to each table.

DRIVE RULE:  The two players opposite each other at each table become partners for the first round.

 Each player is given a card and each table is provided with a dice and four pencils.

 The cards are marked off into 12 squares and show the picture of the Beetle and the 14 different parts of the whole body.

 Each of the 14 parts are designated to a number on the dice as follows:-

  • Feeler (2) equals No 3
  • Eye (2) equals No 4
  • Body equals No 2
  • Wing (2) equals No 5
  • Head equals No 1
  • Leg (6) equals No 6

 The dice should first be thrown once by each player to decide who should have first throw in the game, the highest throw at each table gaining the honour of commencing.  This must be done at each table at the commencement of each round of course.  The player on the first throwers left has second throw and so on in rotation.

 Each player throws the dice in turn and the first player to throw a “1” may draw on his sheet (in the first square) the Head of the Beetle.

DRIVE RULE:  His partner may also draw the head and both may now continue to fill in any part of the body for which either of them throws the correct number according to their turns of course.

 No player may fill in any part of the Beetle until either he or his partner have thrown a “1” and thus gained the right to draw the Head.

 At each successive throw of the dice (player’s throwing in rotation always), the portion of the Beetle designated to that number may be drawn by the two partners, irrespective of which of them threw the number.

 Each part of the Beetle must be thrown for separately, thus for those parts of the body of which there are two or more in number, two or more correct throws must be made.  For instance in the case of the legs (of which there are six), the two partners would have to throw a “6” six times before they could draw all the Legs in, or a “5” twice before they could draw both wings,

 Should a number be thrown for a part or parts, which are already drawn, that throw becomes wasted.


The object is to complete the Beetle as soon as possible, and therefore score the highest possible number of points, which is fourteen.

 Each part of the Beetle drawn counts 1 point so as there are 14 parts the highest possible score is 14.

 DRIVE RULE: The first pair to complete the Beetle call out “BEETLE”, and play at every table ceases for that round.

 Once “BEETLE” has been called no player at any table may throw the dice again.


Each player’s score at every table is then counted up one point being scored for each part drawn, entered on his card, and initialled by an opponent.

 For instance, one pair completes the Beetle and call out.  They thus score 14 points each, whilst the other pair at their table have only drawn the Head, the Body, two Wings and one Leg, and would score for these five parts, five points each.


The pair at each table with the highest score leaves the table and move up the room to the next.

They do not however play as partners again, but the two players already at the table “split up” and partner one of the visitors.

Play continues in this way for as many rounds as may be desired.

The Grand Total score of each player is then taken and the one with the highest score is the winner of the drive.

Should it be desired that the original players should play together throughout the drive, and receive either a prize each or a joint prize for being top scorers, play is as above, but when the pairs move from the various tables they play together at the next table and do not “split up” as described above.

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